Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SafeHire ?

SafeHire is a centralised, new age online portal which provide employers authentic and verified information about the candidates. It is an optimised and cost-effective method of doing background verification that not only saves money but also increases the productivity in the company.

Why Background Verification is required ?
Does SafeHire keep data without candidate consent ?
Can I verify the credibility of my existing employees ?
What if candidate's verified data is not available with SafeHire ?
How would I know about the progress of my VAS Ticket ?
Can I get the screening record report of already verified entries ?
Can I cancel my VAS request ?
Will I get refund for my cancelled VAS ticket ?
What if Candidate declined the consent for my VAS ticket ?
Does SafeHire Charge for signing up ?
How Secure is SafeHire ?
Still have any query ?

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